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Mayer Cosmetics’ range of products includes Nail Polish, Nail Solvent, Nail Polish Remover and Make-Up Accessories.

i) Nail Polish
Mayer Cosmetics’ range of nail polish is the ultimate fashion accessory that dries quickly and gives off a high gloss. Utilising highly lustrous pigments which enhance reflection of colors, as well as light absorbing colorants, they block ultraviolet (UV) radiation at the same time.They are not only long lasting, scratch resistant and chip-resistant but there are also over 400 nail colors to select.

ii) Nail Solvent
Contain no additives. Purpose is to thin nail varnish and remove nail tips, wraps and acrylics.

iii) Nail Polish Remover
• Aloe Vera & natural Vitamin E formula. It is perfect for effective nail moisturizing
• Acetone-Free formula. Prevents drying of nails and polishes quickly. Also contains natural Vitamin E.

iv) Cosmetic Tissue Blotter
Contain 100 or 150 sheets and are packaged in a handy purse pack. These tissue blotters have a high capacity of absorption as their fiber content consist of pure cotton.

v) Cosmetic Eye Tape
Prefect for eye makeup
• waterproof
• Non-comedogenic

Mayer Cosmetics nail lacquer base formulate using high quality raw material for all ingredient which meet EU Cosmetic Directive and FDA regulation. Lacquer is solvent base thixotropic. They are environmental friendly and safe as they are free of Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene. Our nail lacquer base has excellent system stability for all color and easy application

Nail Lacquer Base

1. SA-NL
• High transparency lacquer
• Provide excellent control of pigment suspension
• Good system stability for glitter lacquer
• Easy corporation and stable in all colors
• Exhibit ultimate adhesive and lustrous

2. SF-NL
• Incorporate rheological additives. This is to improve application properties and easy to handle.
• Provide excellent control of pigment suspension
• Good system stability for all colors
• Exhibit ultimate adhesive and lustrous

3. SN-NL
• A transparent and clear thixotropic lacquer
• Exhibit ultimate adhesive and lustrous
• Best application in top and base coating
• Excellent protection for nail

(Finished Product: Private Labeling of Nail Polish. First Time Order: Min order 2,000 dozen. Terms & Conditions apply)