Mayer Cosmetics Singapore




1. Private Labeling
Mayer Cosmetics’ provide private label and able to customize various formulations and colours as per each customer’s requirements. Customers can arrange for their own private labeling using their own logos and packaging.

2. In-House Brands
Some of the popular nail polish brands under Mayer Cosmetics’ wing include CG 2000, City Girl, Nail Art, Nail Bar, Rainbow and Sylvie.

Mayer Cosmetics also produces several in-house brands for its nail polish removers, nail solvents and make up accessories such as cosmetic tissue blotters and cosmetic eye tapes.

Our Quality & Ingredients

With its reputation as the “nail colour king” in Asia, Mayer Cosmetics has had been able to secure the finest ingredients from its chemical suppliers to achieve the highest quality for its range of products. Some of these chemical suppliers who have partnered and collaborated with Mayer Cosmetics include Akzo Nobel Chemical, BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ciba Specialty Chemical and Imperial Chemical Industry.

Not to forget, Mayer Cosmetics always ensure that all ingredients that it uses keep strictly in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive. With its cost savings and undoubted quality, Mayer Cosmetics has been able to pass on these benefits to its loyal customers and retailers as they continue to enjoy quality nail colours at affordable prices throughout the years.

Product Benefits

Here are some unique selling points of Mayer Cosmetics’ nail colours:

• All of Mayer Cosmetics’ chemical ingredients are environmentally friendly and block UV-A rays radiation. You can thus wear them without any worries!
• Mayer Cosmetics’ nail colours let you be the envy of everyone for they give off the best gloss and sheen!
• Mayer Cosmetics’ nail colours are long-lasting, fast-drying and moisturises upon application. All these are possible due to the presence of bioactive exhibits and the use of highly lustrous pigments which enhance colour reflection.
• No compromise on quality ingredients results in value for money to all customers.
• Mayer Cosmetics’ wide distribution networks coupled with strong visibility at popular retail outlets enable easy access to its target audiences.
• With over 500 trendsetting colours to choose from, Mayer Cosmetics is able to satisfy every woman’s different needs, wants and likes all throughout the year!

Mayer Cosmetics’ Nail Colour – providing modern women with the perfect nail shine just like their personality!